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Brooklyn and New York State Real Estate Lawyers

If you are like most people, your home is your most important financial asset. Therefore, when you are purchasing, selling, or refinancing a home you are making one of the most important monetary decisions of your life. When you make this decision, it is important that you have access to legal advice that represents your interests.

If the current lending crisis has taught us anything, it is that too often people fail to realize the conflicts that may result from utilizing an attorney that was recommended to them by a mortgage broker, seller, or bank. Often these attorneys are represented as being an inexpensive choice for what is termed a mere formality. Unfortunately, the “lowest cost choice” is often not the best choice. Sometimes the hidden conflicts that are created by the undisclosed relationships between loan officers, mortgage brokers, banks, and their attorneys, can have serious undisclosed financial costs to buyers, sellers alike; worst still, these conflicts can have serious consequences beyond merely the financial.

Equally problematic are the law offices operating as real estate “mills.” You see their ads littering newspapers and the internet where they guarantee that they provide the lowest cost for real estate closings. What you are not told is that to get these “low cost” closings the firms operate on a huge volume and if there is a problem in your case, or if you have any questions or concerns, they may not have the time or be available to address them. As with the rest of life, in real estate law, for better or for worse, you get the service that you pay for.

You have a right to an attorney of your choice. An attorney that will represent your interests in the purchase or sale of what is your most important asset. Our experience in real estate law means that we are qualified to handle all aspects of your real estate transactions. Don’t settle for just anyone. Saving clients money, lowering their total closing cost, and protecting their interests is an extremely difficult task, that requires experience that you can trust. At Miller & Miller, whether you are purchasing or selling a home or refinancing a home mortgage, we provide you with the experience that you need to ensure that you have the peace of mind that you are entitled to. As our name implies, “we are family and that’s how we will treat you.”

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