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Recent Cases in the News

As any experienced litigator knows, it is a highly unusual, rare event, for the Court of Appeals of the State of New York to accept any case for consideration and review. Presently, the Court of Appeals is considering two (2) of our client’s cases, in a consolidated Appellate action:

People v. Meekins and People v. Leon

In these Appeals, the Court of Appeals of the State of New York is considering whether the admission into evidence of reports on DNA analysis and fingerprint comparisons, prepared by experts who did not testify at trial, violated the defendants’ Sixth Amendment right to confront witnesses under the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2004 decision in Crawford v Washington (541 US 36). At trial, counsel for defense, Andrew R. Miller, Esq., strenuously objected to the admission of the reports under the business records exception to the hearsay rule. While the trial courts disagreed and allowed the reports into the record, Mr. Miller’s efforts ensured that his client’s rights were protected by preserving the significant constitutional issues for consideration by the Court of Appeals. The Court’s review of these cases is a dramatic example of the intelligent, thoughtful and creative approaches that our clients have come to expect of the Law Offices of Miller & Miller.

Other Recent Cases of Note:

Recent Personal Injury Cases*

  • Settlement of $2,500,000.00 to man with a factured leg injured in an automobile accident.

  • Settlement of $1,500,00.00 to a man falsely arrested and imprisoned for a homicide that he had not committed.

  • Settlement of $1,250,000.00 to a women who was injured in a dollar store, when a clerk swung a ladder that he was carrying, hitting the women in the head.

  • Settlement of $525,000.00 to a man who’s hip was injured on a construction site, when debris was dropped upon him by a subcontractor’s negligent employees.

  • Settlement of $100,000.00 for Manhattan man who was falsely arrested for disorderly conducted and assaulted by the police during the arrest.

  • Settlement of $230,000.00 for a family from Puerto Rico who’s loved one was seriously injured in a an accident that occurred in the State of Georgia.

*Prior results not a guarantee of future success

Recent Criminal Cases

  • Westchester man convicted at trial for possession of a handgun and marijuana and sentenced to 3 1/2 years imprisonment has his conviction reversed by the attorneys at the Law Offices of Miller & Miller. The Second Department held that the Arresting Officer failed to “scrupulously honor” the man’s decision to invoke his constitutional right to remain silent when he engaged the man in conversation designed to convince him to accept responsibility for the ownership of the handgun without regard to the actual facts of the matter.

  • Brooklyn man accused of murdering his girlfriend is found not guilty by jury, after the lawyers of Miller & Miller demonstrated at trial that the available forensic evidence pointed to a different individual as the shooter.

  • Brooklyn man accused of robbery and attempted murder for an incident that resulted in the alleged victim suffering significant stab wounds, has all charges except third degree assault dismissed for which he receives a favorable plea of probation.

  • Queens women accused of grand larceny is found not guilty by a jury in Nassau County after the lawyers of Miller & Miller forced the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office to disclose a video surveillance tape that had been allegedly destroyed which established that a different individual had committed the subject offense. This matter is presently the subject of a Federal Lawsuit to recover damages for the wrongful prosecution from both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

  • Brooklyn youth is wrongly accused and arrested for the shooting of a man in the head, has all charges dismissed against him and is presently pursuing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the City of New York for violation of his civil rights, false arrest, and malicious prosecution.

  • Manhattan man found not guilty by a jury for the alleged attempted murder and assault of his boss, after he had stabbed his boss in the shoulder with a knife during an altercation on a job site. The lawyers of Miller & Miller demonstrated that the man had acted in self defense during the altercation.

  • Brooklyn man convicted of gun possession and sentenced to incarceration, has his case thrown out on appeal. The lawyers of Miller & Miller successfully argued to the Appellate Division Second Department that the man’s rights had been violated by the arresting officer, when the officer questioned the man without first reading him his Miranda rights.

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